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BHN Home & Garden.

BeHereNow is going to make a few changes. Every so often we all need to grow a bit, stretch beyond our normal. It’s that time for the store. We are ready to take it to the next level. So we've given ourselves a new name. BHN Home & Garden is that name. It helps us identify the direction we will move forward in. We hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as we will.

Everything we do reflects the casual elegance we long to enjoy and design style we embrace. From distinctive homes and gardens to evenings filled with music, good friends, and the world’s best wine. We long for a community of culture and a landscape of beauty. The precious time we have to spend in our homes needs to elevate us, make us feel good. Rejuvenate.

No matter the size of the home, we have shopped for items that can make your space special and give you the tools to reflect your personality. Sometimes it's as easy as moving an extra dresser from the bedroom to the entry way, a little paint, new fun knobs, and topped with a beautiful vase of greenery with your favorite book.

This year we have combined our love for home decor, garden and floral, and put renewed emphasis on bringing the outdoors into our indoor spaces to create living spaces that feel warm and inviting. BHN has been on the Independence Square in Missouri for 18 years. We started out where men's store Wild About Harry is today, and moved about 10 years ago in order to expand our space and selection. My favorite thing to do is to walk into a friend's home and see a piece they bought from BHN. One that I fell in love with at market and knew someone had to have because it was so special.


We love the look of a weathered garden, which can be accomplished with our outdoor planters and rustic planter heads. It is an authentic finish we know will make you smile every time you see it. Rattan baskets are a trend to embrace for any room in the house. They can hold towels, toys, magazines, plants, and even umbrellas on the porch. They are very versatile and an easy way to update a room. Using the Pantone color of coral makes a beautiful match for grays, blues –  teals in particular! – and yellows. It is a happy color and can add that special pop! when you enter a room without being overwhelming. It helps us feel calm and summery.

Embrace your Happy! Come spend some time with us. Together we can swap ideas on how to add the unique, special personality we all crave for our homes. Welcome to affordable luxury.

There’s certainly a lot to see & shop at BHN Home & Garden. Let’s grow together in 2020.

See you at the store,

Cindy McClain

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